A convenient alternative to cable-car systems

Transport and adventure run Wie-Li®

Our Wie-Li® is the comfortable alternative to traditional fix clamped or detachable cable car systems and features excellent wind resistance. Skiers, snowboarder and tobogganists can all use the Wie-Li® to get up the mountain and there is also plenty of room for their equipment in the six-seater cars. The Wie-Li® is also very handy outside the snow season with hikers, bikes and other visitors. The Wie-Li® is also suitable for disabled people.

The Wie-Li® can cope with climbs/gradients of up to 70% and can have more than one intermediate loading or unloading stations.

The Wie-Li® is also an attractive option for bringing jump operators, ski jumpers, staff and guests up and down the mountain.

The Wie-Li® comes in different designs:

  • as the pendulum-Wie-Li®, the value for money solution for shorter distances, capacity as simple design 300 to 400 pph, as a double Pendler approx. 700 to 800 pph
  • as the Up-Wie-Li®, the conveyor belt for short, steep routes

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