The Wie-Li in Pank Park in Kurdistan

The installation of the Wie-Li incl. the Canyon route expansion, which was installed and completed in May and June of this year, is now complete. Riders love this additional section of the course and you can hear this as they screams mixed with joy, fear and horror as they fly along over the abyss catching glimpses of the vertical rock face below them. There are still a few teething problems in some details that need to be ironed out over the next few years, but the system is already a huge success. The view from the ground up into the gorge as the bobs run 300 metres above you along a rock face is already spine-chilling and would make you want to visit the park to experience the ride itself.

The next thing planned is the reconstruction of the Twin-Bob path, installed 5 years ago. The top station with entry and exit is to be set closer to the Wie-Li- start area to encourage visitors to use this run. This extension will be approximately 180 m, with approximately 150 m running again on 7 m high columns. Both the downhill and the uphill route will cross the main road in the park, where all visitors run towards and back from the individual attractions.


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