Event slides

The eye-catcher

Individual, precise, longlasting, sustainable - surprise your guests with a whole new approach to slides. Whether it is a spectacular eye-catcher such as the art installations of German artist Carsten Höller in London at the ArcelorMittal Orbit (highest dry slide in the world) or at the Tate Modern Gallery, on a cruise ship or as the central focal point of

your shopping centre as upper-floor attraction. Other uses include as highlight in the lobby of a family hotel or even on a radio tower. With or without sliding aid, with or without ticket – your guests will be delighted to reawaken their childhood memories and experience an unprecedented slide at speeds of up to 20km/h.

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The Experience

  • NEW: with fall start U-Drop
  • transparent panorama windows or full pipes
  • spectacular appearance, on request also with highgloss polish or foil coated
  • LED lighting effects with rings, spots, chaser light, sound etc.
  • coating and individual colour scheme
  • on request including tower and staircase
  • New and unique: themed worlds with the Wie-Glow

The crowd-puller

Our stainless steel event slides

Fans of all ages enjoy our event slides. Whether straight or spiralled, open or enclosed - the diverse options guarantee action for visitors large and small. Light and sound effects accompany the breathtaking slide and make it an unforgettable experience.
The absolute highlight is a tour through our free-fall slide - angles of between 45° and 60° enable speeds of up to 50 km/h - maximum adrenalin!

New and unique:

The Wie-Glow offers themed worlds ranging from a journey through the Milky Way to Mars, a trip through the fairy forest or through a mine shaft - there are almost no limits to the host of possibilities.


  • operational all year round
  • low space requirements
  • low maintenance
  • low personnel costs
  • good profitability outlook



365 dAys

all year round


Integration into your
theme world


WPK & welding certificate
according to DIN EN 1090-1


Environmentally-friendly installation

Safety & Technology

  • hand manufactured to the highest certification
  • highest quality thanks to welded connections
  • longevity and sustainability thanks to stainless steel
  • traffic light system with light barriers
  • climate control via insulation or coloured Makrolon
  • diverse slide mats / sliding aids
  • individual, customerspecific adaptation at all times
  • TÜV-certified, safety run-outs


On cruise ships, underground or high in the sky – discover the possibilities!

See for yourself!

Our referenceS (DOWNLOAD)

Set up

  • individual, customer-specific adaptation at all times
  • advance planning, design, production, assembly, commissioning
  • tower and staircase construction included
  • on pillars, secured to the building or suspended from the ceiling
  • following the topography of a slope
  • open, enclosed with a Makrolon covering or as pipe
  • special effects with music, light effects, illumination, foil covering etc.
  • addition of photo system

Spectacular slides directly from the manufacturer

In the production of our spectacular slides we use the indestructible material stainless steel with a material thickness of 2.5 mm.
Standard slides are TÜV Mark-certified in accordance with DIN 1176, but special designs based on your wishes are also possible, provided they are technically feasible and approved.

The interaction of metal and our many years of experience as a manufacturer ensures the top quality, durability and safety of our stainless-steel slides – in other words ideal for almost any location outdoors or indoors at the highest standard.


Overview of all information

Operating costs very low
Maintenance requirement very low
Lifetime almost indestructible due to stainless-steel construction
Sustainability slide body 100 % recyclable
Indoor/outdoor operation possible
Flexibility and design very high and variable thanks to various radii
Fixing elevated, embedded in the ground or combined
Minimum age in combination with minimum height from the age of 6 and min. 1,10 m
Maximum weight of user 130 kg
Average speed up to approx. 30 km/h
Planning according to DIN EN 1176-1 and 1176-3
Manufacturing annual inspection by TÜV Süd
Standard components ongoing certification by TÜV Süd
Individual acceptance by TÜV optional guarantee
Traffic light system time and sensor controlled, optional
Video monitoring optional
Fall protection according to current standards
Turnstile monitoring optional
Slide mats recommended for starting heights >12 m
Interior surface welding seams sanded and hand polished
Exterior surface paintable or powder coatable according to RAL, optional
  polished to mirror finish, optional
lighting technology LED RGB rings and spots
  starry sky
  UV light with special effects
Start area rocket/fall start
Exit area safety exit possible


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