Slides made of stainless steel

sustainable and durable

In the children’s and dry slides made of stainless steel segment we supply everything that is fun, starting with standard slides for toddlers to designer slides for the exclusive taste through to large event slides and “snake farms” – at ground level, elevated or as a tower slide.

Our focus is always on your wishes. Apart from our standard products, we also offer individual and optimum solutions for your location.


Two factors are particularly important for all slides:

slide comfort and safety

Our promise to you:
With us you receive everything from a single source – from the preliminary design to the design through to the construction, production and the completely assembled first class quality product.

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Event slides

With our longstanding experience we are now firmly established on the global market as one of the leading manufacturers of large and event slides.
Our slides have convincing diversity and quality.
Whether as an attraction in leisure parks, in galleries and shopping malls or as a highlight on cruise liners - almost anything is possible.
We can flexibly adapt our slides to the circumstances on site: If there is a hill, the ground level version is the means of choice, but slide towers with spectacular heights and much more can also be implemented.


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Playground slides

Whether on playgrounds, in kindergartens, in schoolyards or in shops, our children’s slides are present everywhere.
The stainless steel material and high quality standard ensures a long life for municipalities, towns and cities, schools and child daycare centres, despite intensive use.
There are also virtually no limits to the imagination in the children’s slide sector:
They are available as box, curve or tubular slides, colourfully painted, film covered or high-gloss polished.
The “Snake Farm” - a combination of multiple slides and slide types - is also interesting.

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Slide trail

A slide trail introduces variety and enthusiasm into the hike. Whether in the forest or on the meadow - it’s always fun to rapidly slide down the mountain and save having to walk. The slides can be reached on foot directly from the path; they also end directly at the edge of the path so that nobody gets lost.
Whether full pipe sections with bull’s eyes, tubular slide with polycarbonate cover, curved or wave slide - the combination provides the adrenalin kick and makes the hearts of outdoor fans, whether small or large, leap for joy.

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Escape slides

Our evacuation slides made of resistant stainless steel and in an emergency, they are a potential alternative to more cost and maintenance-intensive fire staircases and long escape routes in public buildings as well as in office buildings, schools and child daycare centres. According to the Playground equipment standard EN1176, the tubular slides can not only be used to evacuate the children but also as a play slide and thus fulfil two purposes at once.

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