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It’s downhill from here!

Mountains are increasingly popular holiday destinations – including in local recreation areas. Hiking has long been a favourite pastime for all groups, but is it really fun for children? We have the ultimate idea: the slide hiking trail!
This is how it works: support your cable car system in summer or make hiking to your destination something very special with the slide hiking trail.

Visitors of all ages can sweep down slides of various kinds along the course of the hike - with an easily-transportable slide mat or on the seat of their trousers. And in between there are wonderful views and idyllic hiking trails.
Who would not immediately feel like hiking?

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The Experience

  • diverse types of slide that lead down the slope of the mountain
  • only Wiegand builds transparent acrylic covers in curves
  • in between, attractive walking sections and break areas
  • rest areas for parents, allowing children to repeat some of the slides
  • hire of slide mats that are easily carried during the hike
  • slides made from longlasting, environmentally friendly stainless steel
  • on request including tower and staircase access
  • free choice of colour, for example to blend in optically in green

Revitalisation of cable cars

Added impetus for hiking areas

Many huts and excursion destinations are nice to hike to - and the way back? Offer your guests new options! Naturally, you can also build a large observation tower with us and add spectacular slides to it. Take a look at the EVENT SLIDES page regarding this.
Hikers are constantly surprised to discover exciting slide creations.
These include dark pipes, open slides, free fall elements, coloured co-

verings that refract the light or exciting competition slides with which races can be staged – either in pipes that run parallel to one another in some sections or the ever-popular wave slides.
Paying consideration to the strict rules of DIN we also offer you multiple variants for slide exits that use heightened walls to enable landing in narrow spaces, reducing the required fall protection zone.


  • operational all year round
  • low maintenance
  • increases the use of cable cars or transport links on the way there
  • enables families to access hard-to-reach excursion destinations



365 DAYS

all year round


Integration into your
theme world


WPK & welding certificate
according to DIN EN 1090-1


Environmentally-friendly installation


  • hand manufactured to the highest certification
  • highest quality thanks to welded connections
  • longevity and sustainability thanks to stainless steel
  • climate control via insulation or coloured Makrolon
  • diverse slide mats / sliding aids on request
  • individual, customer-specific adaptation at all times
  • TÜV-certified, safety run-outs
  • can be developed for the late / off-season


Slide trail - the combination of different stainless steel slope slides makes the difference

In the production of our slides for your slide trail we use the material stainless steel with a material thickness of 2.5 mm; guaranteeing stability and longevity. The interaction of our metal slides in a host of different variations and unique nature will leave your visitors with unforgettable memories.

There are numerous options when it comes to making your destination more attractive:
Whether our slope slides are designed as open curve slides, wide wave slides, multi-lane slides or as tunnel slides, short or long, people will just love your slide trail.

See for yourself!

Our slide trail references

Set up

  • individual, customer-specific adaptation at all times
  • advance planning, design, production, assembly, commissioning
  • tower and stairway construction included on request
  • on pillars, secured to the building or suspended from the ceiling
  • following the topography of a slope
  • open, enclosed with a Makrolon covering or as pipe
  • special effects with music, light effects, illumination, foil covering etc.
  • colour co-ordination with building in RAL or individual patterns


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