New experiences in spectacular dry slides from Wiegand

Company Josef Wiegand GmbH & Co. KG is the market leader for sensational dry slides. The slide on London's “ArcelorMittal Orbit” tower still holds the world record with a height difference of 240 ft. In addition to the spectacular dimensions, Wiegand dry slides also offer a wide range of options for presenting the outer skin of the slide. The stainless steel can be mirror-polished, foiled or painted - also as graffiti with individual patterns.
Inside, there are LED effects in the form of rings, color-changing spotlights, light mats and starry skies to choose from. Sound effects are also possible in the tube!

And now, with “Wie-Glow”, even more individual custom-design comes into play. Artists can design the tube from the inside absolutely freely and the images are then made to glow with economical UV LEDs. Accompanied by suitable audio effects, the experience is perfect!
The arrangement of colors is chosen in such a way that they visually accompany the guests at sliding speed and play with the senses through lines, images, stars, etc.
Thematically, everything is possible along the slidepath - whether it's “back to the Neon 80‘s ”with a corresponding selection of music, a trip across the Milky Way to Mars or a fairy tale theme: now every creation is going to be unique and no two slides are the same.

The first installation of the “Wie-Glow” concept will be a world premiere in a dry slide. Situated in the heart of Germany, the spectacular Harz Tower, currently under construction, will not only offer an incomparable view of the famous Brocken Mountain, it will put the nerves of the more courageous visitors to the test not once but twice. First of all a glass viewing platform protrudes far beyond the edge of the tower in heights of 180ft.

As a true highlight the huge stainless-steel dry slide offers a rapid descent back to the ground in a slide bag. First, a panorama acrylic upper shell offers the slide guests a clear view of the stunning surrounding of the tower. In the last third of the 110m long tunnel slide which is attached to the outside of the tower, the slide guests suddenly dive into a completely dark slide section and then - typical for the Harz - witches appear! They accompany the rapid ride up to a brightly colored surprise finale with sound! The crowning glory is a photo as a reminder of the experience.



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