Wiegand CoasterKart

Electrifying fun!

The CoasterKart, the electronic ride fun for all generations, combines numerous unusual properties of its predecessor, the “Bobkart” and our best-selling “Alpine Coaster”.
Board, fasten the seat belt and off you go! By using the joystick in the

car, the guest actively determines the speed themself. The rail is based on the successful concept of the Wiegand Alpine Coaster and the speed boost functions with a linear induction motor. This all takes place absolutely gently and with magical ease.

The experience

  • attraction for all age groups from 4 years (1.05 m minimum height)
  • max. ride speed 40 km/h
  • a twin-tracked racing course as well as sound and light effects (optional) increase the riding fun.
  • no mountain and
  • no foundations necessary

The crowd puller

The patented Wiegand CoasterKart

In the CoasterKart, everyone becomes a racing driver, regardless of age or gender. Speeding along the route with up to 40 km/h causes an adrenalin rush in all drivers. Roundabouts, tunnels and different curve inclinations (“roll”) as well as a roller coaster-like up and down ensure

driving fun through changing accelerations.
The ultramodern safety technology supports the drivers in their sporty racing through the circuit.

Undreamt-of diversity through theming


  • conveying capacity 500 PPH
  • only 1 operator required
  • low maintenance requirements
  • indoor and outdoor operation possible
  • all-year operation

500 PPH

High transport capacity

365 dAys

all year round


Integration into your
theme world


WPK & welding certificate
according to DIN EN 1090-1
European Patent 39098 EP


Environmentally-friendly installation

Safety & Technology

  • integrated distance control
  • front and rear lights
  • non-contact LIM drive
  • guaranteed TÜV certificate
  • DIN EN 13814 "Safety of amusement rides and amusement devices", ISO 17842 "Amusement Rides" and ASTM 2291 "Design of Amusement Rides and Devices




Set up

  • no height difference required
  • road, slope and path crossings possible through overpasses or underpasses
  • roundabout constructions
  • jumps and waves
  • theming through individual chassis
  • photo points and/or speed measurement recommended


Overview of all information

Transport capacity 500 pph
Maintenance requirement low
Height difference not required
Indoor/outdoor operation possible
Minimum age from age of 8 (4 - 7 when accompanied)
Minimum height 1,05 m
Maximum speed 40 km/h (ground speed 10 km/h)
Max. loading weight 200 kg
Securing passengers Retention system, hydraulically locked
Front and rear lights integrated
TÜV certificate guaranteed
DIN ISO DIN EN 13814 "Safety of amusement rides and amusement devices", ISO 17842 "Amusement Rides" and ASTM 2291 "Design of Amusement Rides and Devices
Track end brake programmed
Distance control programmed
Theming possible
  individual car designs
  Light and sound effects
  sectional speed modes, racing mode, time racing and gaming
  People Mover
  European Patent 39098 EP


Looking for more information?
Here it is!

Data sheet

Frequently asked questions:

Each system is individually adapted to the respective terrain, so it is not possible to give figures at the moment. The price depends on a variety of factors, for example:

  • How long is the track?
  • Are bridge constructions/underpasses/roundabouts necessary or desired?
  • Is a themed design (here of the vehicles) desired?


To give you a quotation suitable for your location, all we need is a map with contour lines or a google placemark.

Initial course designs are drafted on the basis of terrain maps and or terrain inspections In conjunction with our project managers. You also receive a corresponding price quotation. These track designs can be used for initial discussions with the local authorities.

In the further development of the project, the detailed planning, the final version of the track is projected directly in the terrain. During this detailed planning on site, you and our project manager will position the installation as best as possible in the terrain available. The marked course of the track must then be surveyed by a local surveyor. This survey then serves as the basis for the detailed planning and the production.

Once all the preliminary work has been completed and the required components have been produced, shipped and delivered on site, one or two experienced Wiegand fitters are sent to the construction site. The system is assembled under their guidance. The customer must provide at least 10 able and willing helpers for this work. This also reduces the basic assembly time and the assembly costs as well.

It is a good thing if the future operating personnel are already among the helpers. During this time, these persons have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the assembly and functioning of the toboggan run.

After completion of the assembly work, the future operating personnel are trained by our fitters. In this context, the operator also receives an operating and maintenance manual for the system, which contains all information on operation and necessary maintenance work and intervals.

Our customers are not left alone even after successful commissioning: our service department also offers inspections incl. further consultations if required.

If we have not answered all your questions,

then simply write to us and we will get back to you.

To give you a quotation suitable for your location,
all we need is a map with contour lines or a google placemark.

Mail:   sales@wiegandslide.de

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