the wind-resistant alternative to cableways

The Wie-Li® is an economic means of transport for a wide ranging target group:
In the winter, skiers, snowboarders and tobogganers ascend the mountain with their equipment.

But visitors in the summer also like to use it: Strenuous mountain uphill climbs and long-winded descents into the valley are a thing of the past with the Wie-Li®.
It is also suitable for the disabled.

The experience

  • whether reversible or adventure Wie-Li® – everyone finds their place here
  • the equipment can also be taken on board, from toboggan to snowboard and even a bicycle
  • also outstandingly suitable for adventure trips

The wind-resistant transport solution

Our Wie-Li®

Possible intermediate exits and accesses allow a diverse range of uses of the Wie-Li®, for example, on ski jump hills and in skiing areas as a reliable alternative to ski or chairlifts or as a means of

transport to places of interest.
The Wie-Li® is ready to go in any weather whether in the summer or in the winter.


  • only one operator required in automatic mode
  • all-weather operation
  • designed for 30-year life
  • intermediate stations possible
  • no onboard brake system in the vehicle and rail required for reversible Wie-Li®, therefore very easily route maintenance


500 PPH

High transport capacity

365 DAys

Operational all year round


Integration into your theme world


WPK & welding certificate
according to DIN EN 1090-1


Environmentally-friendly installation

Safety & Technology

  • automatic doors
  • access and exit always when the car is stopped

for Adventure Wie-Li®

  • block station system on uphill mountain route
  • non-return lock on mountain uphill route
  • fail-safe, wear-free eddy current brake downhill


for Pendulum Wie-Li®

  • two-rope system with double winch


Different versions available

See for yourself!


Set up

  • intermediate exits and accesses possible
  • vehicles for 6 people (2 benches for 3 people each)
  • coupling of max. 4 vehicles
  • open vehicle, optional roller shutter roof as weather protection

Version as

  • reversible "pendulum" shuttle for shorter routes for max. 70 % incline and 30 % tilt
  • double shuttle
  • unidirectional or adventure Wie-Li® overcomes max. 70 % incline and 50 % tilt


Overview of all information

Transport capacity 500 pph
Required operation staff min. 1
Maintenance requirement low
Operating time weather-independent all year round
Pendulum Wie-Li® max. 70 %
Adventure Wie-Li® downhill max. 50 %
Wind max. 20 m/s
individually adaptable to the terrain
Accessible possible
Capacity max. 6 persons/car
Conveyed seated
Transport of pushchairs, bicycles, goods possible
Doors open and close automatically
Access and exit always when the car is stopped
Adventure Wie-Li® block station system on mountain uphill route, non-return lock on mountain uphill route, fail-safe wear-free eddy current brake downhill
Pendulum Wie-Li® Two-rope system with double winch
Funicular railway according to the European Ropeway Regulation 2016/424
Adventure Wie-Li® downhill as a "Temporary Structure"

Frequently asked questions:

Each system is individually adapted to the respective terrain, so it is not possible to give figures at the moment. The price depends on a variety of factors, for example:

  • What type of Wie-Li® will be used?
  • How long and how steep is the route to be covered?
  • How many vehicles will be used


To give you a quotation suitable for your location, all we need is a map with contour lines or a google placemark.

Initial course designs are drafted on the basis of terrain maps and or terrain inspections In conjunction with our project managers. You also receive a corresponding price quotation. These track designs can be used for initial discussions with the local authorities.

In the further development of the project, the detailed planning, the final version of the track is projected directly in the terrain. During this detailed planning on site, you and our project manager will position the installation as best as possible in the terrain available. The marked course of the track must then be surveyed by a local surveyor. This survey then serves as the basis for the detailed planning and the production.

Once all the preliminary work has been completed and the required components have been produced, shipped and delivered on site, one or two experienced Wiegand fitters are sent to the construction site. The system is assembled under their guidance. The customer must provide at least 10 able and willing helpers for this work. This also reduces the basic assembly time and the assembly costs as well.

It is a good thing if the future operating personnel are already among the helpers. During this time, these persons have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the assembly and functioning of the toboggan run.

After completion of the assembly work, the future operating personnel are trained by our fitters. In this context, the operator also receives an operating and maintenance manual for the system, which contains all information on operation and necessary maintenance work and intervals.

Our customers are not left alone even after successful commissioning: our service department also offers inspections incl. further consultations if required.

If we have not answered all your questions,

then simply write to us and we will get back to you.

To give you a quotation suitable for your location,
all we need is a map with contour lines or a google placemark.

Mail:   sales@wiegandslide.de

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The installation of the Wie-Li incl. the Canyon route expansion, which was installed and completed in May and June of this year, is now complete....


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