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The history of the Wie-Li® began in 2005. The first Wie-Li® was built in Züschen in the Sauerland region of Germany in a very simple form as a pendulum shuttle. It was used solely by winter sportspersons as an uphill conveyor system. Installation of the unidirectional Wie-Li® on the Wasserkuppe skiing area began in the same year.  This is used in the summer and winter, not only as an uphill means of transport; interesting adventure tours are also possible.

If greater transport capacity is required, the double pendulum shuttle is an option, like the one used in the Chinese city of Dali.  The vehicles are available as an open variant, however, they can also be equipped with a roller shutter roof as weather protection.
Together with our customers and the local authorities, we develop suitable concepts in order to find the best solution for every location.

Our references in detail

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Carrier: Cangshan Dali, 671003 Dali
Year of construction: 2013
Length: 2 x 330 m
Version: pendulum system
Additional info: parallel design
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Carrier: ESAM Eisenerzer Sportstätten und -anlagenbau Management GmbH
Year of construction: 2016
Length: 230 m
Version: pendulum system
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Great Wall

Carrier: Beijing Henyuesuoton Group Co., Ltd.
Year of construction: 2018
Length: 1155 m
Version: Adventure Wie-Li
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Haag am Hausruck

Carrier: Erlebnisberg Luisenhöhe GmbH, Haag am Hausruck
Year of construction: 2015
Length: Up 505m down 385m
Version: circulating system
Internet: http://www.wegdersinne.at/
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Carrier: Gemeinde Hinterzarten, 79856 Hinterzarten
Year of construction: 2015
Length: 250 m
Version: Pendulum Wie-Li
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Carrier: Skiclub Union Volksbank Hinzenbach
Year of construction: 2009
Length: 330 m
Version: pendulum system
Internet: http://www.schiclub.at
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Carrier: Landratsamt Vogtlandkreis, Neuendorfer Str. 94-96, 08523 Plauen
Year of construction: 2006
Length: 800 m
Version: circulating system
Additional info: - Ideal transport service for ski jumpers at a big jump
- Extremely successful adventure roundtrip for visitors all over the year
Internet: http://www.vogtland-arena.de
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Passeier Meran

Carrier: Golfclub Passeier Meran
Year of construction: 2008
Length: 23 m
Version: Up-Wie-Li
Additional info: Wie-Li-Version als Bandförderer für kurze und steile Strecke
Internet: http://www.golfclubpasseier.com
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Carrier: Kurda for Trading & Turizm Investement, Rawanduz
Year of construction: 2014/2015
Length: 695 m + 1010 m
Version: circulating system
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Carrier: Wiegand Erlebnisberge GmbH, Landstr. 12, 36169 Rasdorf
Year of construction: 2005
Length: Up 655m, down 620 m
Version: circulating system
Additional info: Winter use - sledders, tubing, snowboarders, skiers, winter adventure trips
Summer use - sportsmen, adventure trips
Internet: http://www.sommerrodelbahnen-wasserkuppe.de
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Carrier: Snow World Züschen GmbH & Co. KG, Rosenweg 14, 59955 Winterberg
Year of construction: 2005
Length: 250 m
Version: circulating system
Additional info: Only winter operation for riders and tubing.

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