Very first completely mirror polished event dry slide in the world

The new fleet of MSC cruise ships "World Class" named their first ship “Europa”. It has a special feature: the very first completely mirror-polished event dry slide in the World. It has been spectacularly staged with huge LED strips in the immediate vicinity, so that it unfolds its presence as an absolute eye-catcher of the ship at any time of day.
At the entrance, the fiery red head of the Viper snake swallows the guests.
MSC is particularly enthusiastic about the experience of seeing the canyon rush past from room floors in the parts of the slide with a transparent Makrolon cover. This view again is especially spectacular at night. The exit of the slide awaits riders in the shape of the serpent's tongue. Also mirror-polished, of course.

Start section of the sled
Mirror polished event dry slide
Event dry slide

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