Two new Wiegand Alpine Coaster opened in Mexico

Last summer, work on installing an Alpine Coaster with a length of roughly 550 m began in Mexico, namely in Orizaba in the federal state of Veracruz.
The installation team faced several difficulties because of the highly rocky and steep terrain, which also explains why it took so long to complete.
The first Wiegand Alpine Coaster in Mexico was opened on 25 January and drew a sizable crowd for the inaugural toboggan ride.

Another toboggan run in Mexico, the "Xcalibur Alpine Coaster" in the Bioparque Estrella, was finished and ceremoniously opened at a huge ceremony just in time for the intended opening date on April 17.
The "Alpine Coaster 2.0" got off to a wonderful start, with about 10,000 rides per day; our customer and the visitors to the Bioparque are overjoyed.
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Bioparque Estrella - Alpine Coaster

Opening of the Alpine Coaster


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