29. Wiegand Alpine Coaster opened in France

At the end of April, the installation activities in La Norma, a French ski resort, had already begun. The 65 kilometres of slopes that make up the ski resort's 27 ski runs are accessed by 18 ski lifts.

This year, a new Alpine Coaster was added that is 930 metres long and overcomes a 146-metre height difference on a 380-metre length.

Given that it spans the pass route six times and had regulatory guidelines for the bridge heights, (min. 5.40 m because of the increased snowfall) the complicated installation was extremely difficult to construct and organise. Each time work was being carried out on the bridges, the police were required to close the construction site.

Along with the magnificent bridge constructions, the thrilling descent on the 36 orange- or silver-coloured slays is adorned with three roundabouts totalling 168 metres in length.

The facility was given the German TÜV's blessing and allowed to begin operations in December.


All weather slide Wiegand Alpine Coaster

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