New training year begins

For seven young people, August 1 marked the beginning of a new stage in life, with the start of their working career.

Having successfully completed school, they are now beginning training with our company. Our team will be strengthened in future with the addition of an industrial clerk, a technical systems planner for steel and metalworking technology and five construction mechanics specialising in technical equipment.

In the coming years the trainees will acquire a comprehensive range of skills, knowledge and abilities in their respective training field and beyond. They will receive the professional support of three trainers in this, passing through several departments to ensure that they also acquire a breadth of knowledge of the company and internal processes.

The new arrivals bring the number of trainees at the company to 26: 19 construction mechanics (technical equipment), two electronics engineers for industrial engineering, three technical systems planners (steel and metalworking technology) and two industrial clerks.


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