Comfortable and modern – the Twin Seater for Mystical Hex and Wie-Flyer

Since spring of last year plans have been underway for the new "Twin Seater" open gondola, to be used for the first time on the Wie-Flyer in Mexico City. The Mystical Hex will also be able to carry this model in the future.

The designs have now become reality, with first testing of the new gondola carried out in early June. In contrast to earlier models, the Twin Seater can not only move sideways, but also rock backwards and forwards, considerably enhancing the "flight" experience. In addition, steplessly adjustable shoulder restraints are used, passing over the head in front of the body from behind. The seats also feature a new design. They permit a much more comfortable ride with the Wie-Flyer or the Hexenbesen.

The complete reworking and modernisation of the gondola design represents an acknowledgement of the wishes of many potential customers and we are sure that we will enjoy future success on the market with the Twin Seater model.

Comfortable and modern

Test passed with flying colours


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