First run of the Wiegand Sport Coaster

A company premiere, the "Sport Coaster", entered operation on May 5 in the Belgian amusement park Bellewaerde.

Two tracks, running parallel to one another, offer tobogganists a special kick: The 490-m tracks are each covered at speeds of up to 40 km/h, with almost no braking. The parallel arrangement of the two tracks enables speed freaks to race against each other.

The motto "you brake, you lose" is superfluous here, as the lever that serves as a brake on most toboggans is merely something to hold onto in this case. Toboggans exceeding the maximum speed of 40 km/h are slowed by the speed control. To avoid the risk of shunting, the distance control system also forms part of the safety features.

Before the tobogganists can begin their duel they need to ascend a tower before crossing a 25-metre-high bridge leading to the starting point for the course. This is equipped with two roundabouts, a number of bends and straights.

The empty toboggans are retrieved using two, also parallel lifter systems, whilst the drivers make their way back on foot. The track received approval from the Belgian technical inspection authority at the beginning of May, with the go ahead to commence operation.


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