Summer Toboggan Run

That fantastic feeling of speed with the ultimate in safety

Wiegand Summer toboggan run – the flume toboggan with that incredible feeling of curving

A Summer toboggan run is a valuable addition to the tourist attractions in your area, either on its own or along with other leisure installations. A well-developed tourist infrastructure and any site close to a busy main highway are significant advantages when it comes to successfully operating a Wiegand summer toboggan run.

The summer toboggan run is a sports facility, which entices the rider to get actively involved in the fun, as "he slows down or puts the foot down", thereby controlling his driving style and how long he drives.

With deep drawn curved sections, bends and straight lengths, plus bridge and roundabout constructions, the track is designed to fit the site and create an attractive and interesting route.

A capacity of approx. 500 pph and low staff and maintenance costs means the owner can operate his system and make a profit.

For a summer toboggan run approx. 500 m long, the terrain should have a difference in elevation of approx. 25 to 30 m and a surface area of approx. 20,000 m² (200 x 100 m). 1000m of rail length requires a difference in elevation of 50 to 60 m and approx. 30,000 m² (300 x 100 m) surface area.

The best way to get bobs and riders up the mountain is via the fully automatic Wiegand lifter system, the economic solution and by ski or chairlifts or the Wiegand toboggan transport system.

Safety first!

Various pieces of equipment like

  • the Wiegand forced brake to minimise rear-end collisions at the end of the track,

  • the Wiegand selective brake system to stop toboggans travelling too fast, fitted preferably at the end of the track, plus

  • the non-tipping comfort toboggan "Twinbob“, fitted with a back rest, enhance the riders safety.

    Our Summer Toboggan Run meets the highest safety and technical standards, is built in accordance with ISO 19202-1-2 resp. DIN ISO 19202-1-2 (replace DIN 33960) and is TÜV-technically approved.

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