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The Wie-Flyer is a relatively young product from our company, but it is already delighting visitors not only in Germany but also overseas. The comparatively small space requirement, combined with the possibility

of operating the system indoors, for example in a shopping centre, makes the Wie-Flyer suitable for a wide range of applications.

Our references in detail

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"Hummel Brummel" Schwaben Park

Carrier: Schwaben Park, 73667 Kaisersbach
Year of construction: 2020
Length: 475 m
Additional info: 7 TwinSeater gondolas, 4 special child seats
Internet: https://www.schwabenpark.de
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Carrier: Josef Wiegand Holding GmbH, 36169 Rasdorf
Year of construction: 2012
Length: 500 m
Additional info: The Wie-Flyer Inselsberg was equipped with gondolas in aircraft design from the start of operation in 2012 to 2018.
In 2018, these were replaced by Twin Seater gondolas in which the passengers sit side by side.
Internet: https://www.inselsberg-funpark.de/
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