Wiegand Alpine Coaster 2.0 continues successful course

Back in the early part of last year, Wiegand beat off its rivals in a comprehensive tender process and was commissioned to build an Alpine Coaster in the southern Italian city of Castelmezzano.
Since last October, Wiegand installers have been on site. Just positioning the parts on the extremely steep course was in itself a challenge, which could only be mastered by the use of a helicopter.
Future visitors will be transported 170m further up the mountain by the c. 425m long lifter, before they take on the c. 700m long downhill course with its fantastic panoramic views.

Back in the middle of January, an installation team was already on its way to Australia to bring new impetus to the toboggan track market there. 
A 1500mm long Alpine Coaster 2.0 is being erected in the Thredbo Alpine Resort in New South Wales, where a ‘Made in Germany’ summer toboggan track from Wiegand has been in operation for over 30 years already.

And in France too the Alpine Coaster 2.0 has celebrated its première:
in February, in Super Besse the country’s longest Alpine Coaster was formally approved by the German TÜV and opened for use: 1300m downhill track and a 600m long lifter successfully negotiate a healthy difference of 130m in altitude. (https://superbesse.com/activites/outdoor/luge-4-saisons/)
But that’s not all! Two new projects are already firmly in the starting blocks.

Further facilities are currently under construction in the USA, Brazil, China, Turkey and Poland.

Four new tracks are also being erected this year in Germany. One of these is in Berlin, where an operator had a track installed by a competitor in 2017. Following a fire, in which the station house containing all the control systems burnt down, they opted for complete replacement of the track with an Alpine Coaster from Wiegand and thus for quality, comfort, safety and the highest of technical standards.

Bird eye view Alpine Coaster 2.0 Castelmezzano

Alpine Coaster course, Castelmezzano, Italy

Circle construction Alpine Coaster Thredbo/Australia

Circle construction

Alpine Coaster 2.0 Thredbo: track section laid close to the ground

and a section of the Alpine Coaster track laid close to the ground, Thredbo, Australia


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