Sliding through the hotel lobby or down to the breakfast?

Simply slide down from floor to floor in a Hotel? Dry and water slides have long since left the familiar locations like a playground. Now they transform every building into an experience.

The first 5* hotel in the Gitschberg-Jochtal alpine region was to be the first to invide their family audience to this signature experience in the centre of their new resort. This dream come true for Susi and Peter Nestl and their family opened last winter in the stunning Nort-Italian alps: the "Familiamus" activity and wellness hotel with 140 guest beds in the city of Meranus.
For that special play factor, the Nestl family once again turned to the Wiegand family business, managed by Hendrik Wiegand and headquartered in Rasdorf, Germany. The reason for this was the successful, trusting collaboration with the "Erika" hotel, also aimed at families, a few years prior.

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Water slides
The "Familiamus" water world once again features a spectacular family wave water slide made of both durable and sustainable stainless steel and a fast GRP RR900 tube tube slide both landing in the level below under the spectacular indoor/outdoor pool area.

Dry slides
The hotel's special feature are the dry slides connecting all different levels. Guests of all ages can actually slide down the entire main staircase area via various stainless-steel slides from floor to floor - all the way down to the lobby, to breakfast AND even to the underground car garage! Of course, there are also Wiegand slides in the indoor children's play area as well. Sounds like paradise in general, doesn't it?

Hotel slide

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