World's longest treetop trail in Switzerland set to open shortly.

In addition to slide hiking trails, treetop trails are now also becoming increasingly popular with nature-loving tourists.

On the 11th of July visitors to the Graubünden canton in Switzerland will be blown away: It is the world's longest treetop trail, at 1.5 km, connecting the districts of Laax-Murschetg and Laax-Dorf. The system, accessible all year round, can be reached via spiral staircases, and even quite comfortably via lifts. Two towers have been custom-built for this in Murschetg and Dimplaun.

The tower in Murschetg, over 30 m high, offers visitors another special attraction: From a height of 28.50 m, those of all ages who are brave enough and 1.30 m or taller and not bothered by vertigo can whiz down to the ground here through the 73 m long stainless-steel tube spiral slide that winds around the tower. Things get interesting inside the slide: the partly transparent polycarbonate cover gives those going down a brief glimpse of the surroundings every now and then, while light effects in the full-tube sections push the slide along. Anyone who is afraid to go down the slide can catch a glimpse of those sliding down every now and then from the total of four platforms.

GTSM Magglingen AG, our company's sales partner, was awarded the contract for this slide. The system was manufactured by us in Rasdorf and the assembly was completed by our fitters. Two crane vehicles with special long jibs were used to lift the slide sections to the appropriate heights. The system is now finished, and the tree top trail is ready for action.

We would like to thank the company GTSM Magglingen for working with us and look forward to completing other exciting projects with them in the future.

We have already completed similar projects in previous years, for example in St. Englmar in the Bavarian Forest. Here, last year, the treetop trail was extended by a 23.5 m walkable high tower that starts at a height of 30 m and was fitted inside with various climbing devices including two Wiegand slides.

Foto: Weisse Arena Gruppe


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