Head off on the “Goasberg Rätseltour”

In the middle of the Brixental valley, just 6 kilometres from the world-famous town of Kitzbühel, lies the picturesque holiday destination of Kirchberg. The town of 5,300 can accommodate over 8,200 guests. In winter skiers find boundless enjoyment on the slopes, whilst in summer this is an ideal starting point for hikes and cycle rides.
There are also numerous attractions for families, such as four Wiegand slides embedded in the earth on the Goasberg-Rätseltour, leading from the Gaisberg chairlift down into the valley.

Three of the slides are curved pipes with portholes, two of these are identical in layout, with a length of 18.2 m and a 30° angle, covering a difference in elevation of 6.5 m.
The third curved pipe slide is equipped with a transparent Makrolon cover and extends over a length of 31.2 m, covering a difference in elevation of 11.5 m.
The final slide is a 16 m-long open slide, the wave of which lends impetus to the ride, which ends some 6 m below the starting point.

Whether it is taking a short cut or entertaining the children - travelling through one or more slides is always fun.

©Mathäus Garner

©Mathäus Garner

©Mathäus Garner


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