Wiegand-Alpine Coaster opens in Sälen

The largest ski area in Sweden, Sälen, which is run by the leisure and travel firm Skistar, includes Lindvallen. The building of summer ski arenas, mountain tubes, climbing parks, cycling trails, and last but not least the brand-new Alpine Coaster with a unique feature all show that Skistar does not only focus on winter tourism:

The Alpine Coaster has two laps, with no breaks in between, yet even after the first lap, riders remain in the same toboggan.The installation of the ride, which is Sweden's second after Isaberg, started on April 24. However, it was a more current 2.0 version, so there was still some ice and snow at higher elevations at the beginning of June.
One week after the Swedish Midsommar, the new attraction opened for business.  

To "overcome" the approximately 20 m difference in height to the start of the first descent on the lift, riders must first board their toboggans in the valley station. After reaching the top, the riders race downwards while navigating turns, waves, jumps, and a roundabout before boarding the second lift, which runs parallel to the first, to begin the second uphill run. 
The second lap features multiple sharp turns, including one where you swing around the first lap's roundabout structure.

In this project, it is important to highlight the excellent collaboration with the client, the business Skistar, as well as the performance of all project participants on the Wiegand team.


One more brief comment:

An Alpine Coaster was originally intended to be built by a competitor. Skistar undoubtedly made the right choice in going with us because of the tireless work of our two project managers, Marco Diwisch and René Krahl, as well as the "Wiegand-Alpine Coaster" product, which was previously unmatched in the toboggan run industry.


Alpine Coaster Lindvallen - April 2023

When the supervisors arrived at the building site in mid-April

Alpine Coaster Lindvallen - Assembling site in June 2023

Assembly as at the beginning of June


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