Tree house slides

Farup Sommerland in northern Denmark is a successful, privately run theme park featuring an open-air water park and a hotel. Last autumn, two tree houses were quickly built on the edge of the park lake. These 50 square metre treetop cabins are now open and can accommodate 7 people each. They are an experience in themselves, with their location and unique, playful and themed atmosphere. The tree house has 2 separate bedrooms - one bedroom has a double bed and the children's room has bunk beds for 3 people.

From the bunk bed you can start down the slide, which leads directly to the terrace level and ends in the children's room. This means that the slide is also great fun when the weather doesn't always shine.

The park would like to learn from the experience with the two tree houses and then continue to build up to 4 more tree houses.


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