Only until March 31, 2022 the “greatest Show” – Expo2020 - takes place in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This world exhibition has already exceeded 16 million visitors.
The motto of the exhibition, in which around 200 countries and international organizations are be represented, is "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future" with the three sub-themes of sustainability, mobility and opportunities.
It is the 24th participation in a world exhibition for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. At the highest point of their spectacular pavilion, visitors can expect a rapid dry slide made by Wiegand in Rasdorf, Hesse. The giant slide – an allusion to the “Schueberfouer”, a Luxembourgish tradition that dates-back to 1340 – guests return to the ground floor in the centre of a green atrium.
Thanks to this slide, the pavilion is often mentioned in recommendations as one of the Top 5 must-see attractions of the vast Expo2020 in Dubai.


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