With a total height of 32 m, the 80 m long spiral tube slide, which was built in the 89 Mall Egaila in Kuwait City, is the highest in the Arabian region. It starts off the 7th floor of the huge mall and spirals down in 4 horizontal loops to the ground floor.
The slide is uniquely equipped with a perforated sheet metal upper shell, which gives the slide guests unique visuals, and they don't slide through darkness. In addition, this offers better air flow inside the slide and prevents visual connections from outside, which is not entirely unimportant in the Arab world.
As always, safe operations are ensured by a time-controlled push-button traffic light. It makes it possible to switch between automatic mode or manual operation with an operator. In addition, cotton slide mats are provided for the guest’s comfort.

The owner of this new slide is the Kuwaiti company Parla Sport building construction Est., which operates several cafés and restaurants, among other entertainment offerings like the "Adventure Kids World".

The way to realization from shipping to assembly was a small odyssey. The material was already shipped in May 2020. Due to complicated corona entry regulations and difficulties in obtaining visas, it was only possible to build the slide in November 2021. By then, the customer had invested in storing the many bulky components. The final assembly went all the faster: Everything was in place within two weeks, which made the customer enthusiastic.


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