Spectacular attraction at Vienna's Danube Tower

At the beginning of October, Europe's highest slide was erected at a height of 165 metres on Austria's Danube Tower in Vienna.

A helicopter delivered the slide's prefabricated sections to the designated assembly height on the outside of the tower, where our fitters - well secured, of course – then set to work.

Visitors will be able to slide along the northern exterior edge of the tower from the central floor to the observation level 15 m below, at a height of 150 m, beginning in November.

This, like many other amazing creations, is a collaboration between artist Carsten Höller and Wiegand.

"We are thrilled to have secured the internationally renowned artist Carsten Höller for this extraordinary project." The requirements were difficult to meet. On the one hand, because the Danube Tower is a listed structure, and on the other, because the highest construction and safety standards apply. As a result, I am ecstatic to be able to celebrate the Danube Tower's 60th anniversary with this stunning innovation right now. The slide promises a one-of-a-kind experience for anyone brave enough to embark on this thrilling adventure. "This art object will not only delight our domestic and international visitors, but it will also change the Viennese skyline for at least the next three years," says Hermann Krammer, Managing Director of the Danube Tower, of the art project. The project at the Danube Tower already has a longer history, because the first ideas were already there in 2017.

Basically, there were a lot of requirements, including not only the exposed location and static requirements, but also fire protection and rescue concepts. Another significant element was the lighting of the slide, which necessitated a special permit from the highest aviation authority, not to mention the extremely daring installation by helicopter, as bringing it in through lifts and scaffolding appeared too complicated, expensive, and impossible.

The project was temporarily halted in 2021 due to a lack of consent from multiple Viennese authorities, resulting in the pieces being stored for more than two years at our partner, the firm Algebra. We'd like to thank this company right now.

Finally, the project was relaunched in May of this year, with an execution date of the end of October 2023.

We would like to thank all of the specialists who helped make this tough and thrilling project a reality, notably the team from Heli Austria and our fitters, who undoubtedly played the most important role in this magnificent execution.



Update November 16, 2023


Dry slide

© R.Fasching, K.Patzak, A.Stöger

© R.Fasching, K.Patzak, A.Stöger

© R.Fasching, K.Patzak, A.Stöger


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