"Sliding through the canopy and then into the cellar - 10 sec. An adrenalin rush for young and old!" These are the words used by Appenzeller Park in Herisau, Switzerland, where different leisure activities for all ages are combined in one large complex, to advertise the four-slide system that was completed in July.
The slides are between 63 and 67 m long and start side by side at a height of 22.25 m on the upper floor of the hall. First, they go through the wall a short distance into the open air before they break through the canopy and then move along different paths through the outdoor area until they are literally swallowed up by the ground in the garden restaurant and end up in the basement. 

Three of the slides are covered with transparent polycarbonate, while the fourth one is a combination of a full tube with illumination and a transparent polycarbonate cover. A starting platform (12 x 2 m), stairway, sensor-controlled traffic lights, video monitoring, 200 slide mats, a turnstile system and eight sound boxes are also included in the scope of supply.
The installation was carried out in several stages, so, several fitters were also deployed on site and the slide system was officially opened on the 2nd of September.

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