A small slide at a spectacular location

The seaside resort of Grömitz is located on the Wagrien peninsula in the northwest of the Bay of Lübeck. At over 200 years old, the Baltic Sea spa is one of the oldest in Germany and belongs to Schleswig-Holstein. The summer season sees a host of holidaymakers descend on Grömitz and push up the number of inhabitants (7100) many times over.

The Grömitz pier at almost 400 m and the longest in Schleswig-Holstein, is a visitor magnet, as is the new and modern harbour complex. The diving gondola at the head of the pier has room for up to 30 visitors.
But even above water, the pier offers a new highlight in addition to the fantastic view:
An adventure and a recreation platform, to the right and left of the pier above the water.
There, a tube curved slide awaits those visitors looking for a buzz. The special thing about this slide is that the 10 m long slide body with transparent intermediate section literally "floats" above the sea. This may give some guests a sinking feeling in their stomachs - but the start and landing go off quite safely on the bridge. Here the necessary safety is also ensured with a closed tower construction, via which you can reach the start located at a height of 3.74 m, a protective fence and the special run-out raised on both sides.


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