A very special project

A combination of shopping mall and amusement park is nearing completion in Mexico City. Since last year, construction work has been underway on the multi-storey building directly on a busy main road. Numerous shops will be doing business here.

In addition to the shopping experience, the project's focus is on activities and exciting attractions that promote learning, perception and creativity.

The aim is to provide unforgettable moments to the visitors to Imagic Park.

An essential element of the concept is the Wie-Flyer, which winds its way through the building over 266 metres, with a short outdoor section as well, where the gondolas hover high above the main road. Inside the building, the visitor flies over the attractions and rides. The train itself is mostly in the dark, so that guests have a fantastic view of the illuminated elements.

Guests sit next to each other in one of the six gondolas and are secured by a continuously adjustable shoulder strap – and off they go. By activating a joystick in the centre, guests actively determine their speed – the ride can reach a maximum speed of 30 km/h. Constant changes of direction, tight curves, jumps and waves along the ride create an exciting driving sensation – guaranteed fun, action and unforgettable moments.



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