Wie-Flyer “Hummel Brummel“ opens in the Schwaben Park

The Schwaben Park in Kaisersbach in Baden-Württemberg was founded in 1972 by the Hudelmaier family under the name "Safari Park". Today it is divided into three areas: Action Area, Fun and Adventure and The World of Animals. Since the year 2000, a 500-m long bob cart ride has been added to the long list of what is on offer. "The park is just so popular with our guests that the Wiegand company was always going to be the number one choice when it came to looking for a new attraction", says park manager André Hudelmaier.

Guests experience that pure buzz of flying on the interactive family roller coaster called "Hummel Brummel". This is the electrically driven Wie-Flyer made by our company.

Once the riders have taken their seats beside each other in the comfortable twin-seater, the sightseeing flight starts. Passive is a thing of the past, because here the riders set their own flying speed by operating the joystick.

Ten mono-supports up to 20 m high including the necessary cantilevers, seven twin-seater gondolas, a special gondola with towing device for service and rescue operations in an emergency, plus four special child seats for a better hold in the seat are just some of the items included in the scope of delivery.

And of course, the name of the new system must also be reflected in the design and the twin-seaters of the Wie-Flyer have been colour-coordinated accordingly.

After technical inspection by the TÜV, the facility received permission to take off and has been inviting all guests to come and enjoy a sightseeing flight since the 15th of August.








Photo: Schwaben Park


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