What you want is what counts!

This was the motto of the Girls' and Boys' Day on the 28th of April. This initiative is the world's largest career guidance offer, which gives children and young people the opportunity to learn about a wide range of apprenticeships and courses of study far away from any outmoded clichés.

At 8 a.m., our trainer Mr Pfeffermann welcomed 11 pupils at Plant II in the Vockenbach in Rasdorf. During the subsequent tour of the plant, led by Mr Pfeffermann and the construction mechanic Carla Müller, our guests were given the opportunity to get an overview of our company and our products, and our employees were on hand to answer questions from interested students in the factory halls. In this context, they also got initial insights into the different job profiles represented in the company. These were then presented in more detail by the apprentices of the respective professions in words and pictures.

As a manufacturer of leisure facilities such as slides for playgrounds and swimming pools as well as the well-known summer toboggan runs and other rides, we are mainly involved in metal processing and construction. Consequently, the pupils had the opportunity to try out metal as a practical material. The students practised drilling, countersinking, filing and threading while building a small metal lock. They also made an LED heart giving them a taste of electrical engineering.

In addition to practical handicrafts, the participants also tried their hand at the initial technical planning sketches. In the process, they were able to recreate their own name with a professional construction programme. This required precision and confident computer skills.

After an exciting day, our trainees and instructors said goodbye to the students at 3 pm.

During the Girls' and Boys' Day, pupils can get an initial insight into a possible apprenticeship.

Metalworking and electrical installation are two practical applications of the Boys' and Girls' Day.

Bending metal into the shape of a heart requires a steady hand.

The students draw their name with a professional construction programme.


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