A second life for a shopping centre in Troisdorf

The town of Troisdorf near Bonn is full of empty shops and has converted a closed Hertie department store into an entertainment centre: Happy Franky. In addition to comfortable lounge areas, there is also a boulder wall, axe throwing and, of course, two Wiegand dry slides. A special feature of the construction is that the cantilever arms were connected to existing concrete parts and building supports.

One of the two slides is a 2nd hand use - thus also gets a second life - and describes a double curve over 22.4m in length and 8 metres in height. The other starts at the top of the third floor, is 22.6m long and surprises with LED lighting effects. The slides can be used for a fee and have a turnstile.

Long queues formed in front of the door for the opening on the Pentecost weekend. Sales and event manager Claudia Schmorl says confidently: "This concept is a first."


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