New attraction on Congshan Mountain in Dali

After the final technical acceptance of the new Wie-Li-transport system in Dali in Yunnan province was carried successfully, it is available to the visitors for uphill and downhill transport to / from the intermediate station of the famous Congshan Mountain cable car, so hikers can save a few grueling miles. The operator experiences a significant recovery of the tourist area by opening the new transport system.

The Wie-Li Dali consists of two parallel driven pendulum Wie-Li systems. On each 330 m length eight cars, each designed for four persons, a total difference in altitude of 200 m is overcome. Due to the difficult terrain, which is interspersed with cliffs and gorges, it was necessary to schedule two lift lines (105 m and 150 m), to allow a route with curves. Special features of this system are the dual cable guide with hydraulic balancing station and the exceptionally steep terrain with a slope of nearly 80%, where the Wie-Li was built on.



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