Mystical Hex

Perfect as an add-on to toboggan runs, playgrounds and amusement parks

Mystical Hex – take a seat and enjoy the ride!

Its flexible routing options makes the Mystical Hex perfect for upgrading the offers of the amusement park, as it is ideally suited to being positioned above other play equipment and can therefore be placed almost anywhere. Its variable structure means it can be constructed on flat sites or sloping locations. The available space should be at least 50 x 70 m, however.

Two passengers take a seat together - and off they go. Various options are available for the design of the vehicles. In the Twin Seater version visitors sit next to one another and have a full view of the route, in the classic gondola they sit opposite one another.

The vehicles roll via gravity down the sloping route beneath twin-pipe rails to the lowest point of the respective 50 to 100 m long sections. In the rising sections of the track a cable acts as an accelerator, catapulting the gondolas up to the apex. Here the track pipe with gondola are released from the cable, rushing into the next downward section.

Throughout the circuit passengers can lean back in relaxation, simply enjoying the ride and feeling the wind in their hair at speeds of up to 20 km/h.

In a nutshell:

  • Gravity-based gondola movement
  • Twin-pipe rail system, comprising ascending and descending sections of between approx. 50 and 100 m in length
  • Max. speed 20 km/h
  • Use of braking for steep sections
  • Different gondola versions “Twin Seater” and “Classic”, theming possible
  • Use of steplessly adjustable shoulder bars to secure passengers (Twin Seater)
  • Max. capacity 240 pph
  • Operation without personnel possible in the case of coin operation or an electronic cash register system
  • Adaptation to local conditions and customer requirements
  • Designed and built according to the terms of DIN EN 13814 for “mobile constructions” and ISO 17842 “amusement rides”
  • Guaranteed TÜV approval

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