Now everyone can "fly"

Wie-Flyer – ready for take off?

The Wie-Flyer with the new Twin Seater offers pure flying enjoyment. The “pilots” take their place in the comfortable bucket seats and take off on their flight together.

Passive is a thing of the past, now passengers determine their speed themselves by operating the centrally-located joystick. Speeds of up to 30 km/h really get the wind blowing. There is no need for kerosene, the Wie-Flyer is electrically powered. Up to 700 passengers can be carried per hour, where three twin seaters are employed per 100 m of track.

Varying speeds, tight curve radii with constant changes of direction and sideways swings guarantee a harmonious yet exciting flight feel. Waves in straight sections of the track generate a backwards and forwards rocking movement, imitating turbulence and further increasing the flying enjoyment immensely.

Once the course has been flown the Wie-Flyer halts automatically at the exit, only continuing to the start once the gondola has been vacated.

It is also important that the Wie-Flyer is also suitable for indoor use.

Significant features:

  • Space requirement min. 50 x 100 m
  • Integrated energy transfer in the rail system
  • Maximum speed 30 km/h
  • Pre-selectable section speeds possible
  • Block station system reduces the risk of shunting accidents
  • Steplessly adjustable shoulder bars to secure passengers (Twin Seater)
  • Carrying capacity up to 700 passengers/h
  • In- and outdoor operation possible
  • Only one operator required
  • Adaptation to local conditions and customer requirements
  • Multiple stations possible – can also be used as a people mover
  • Theming possible
  • Designed and built according to the terms of DIN EN 13814 for “mobile constructions” and ISO 17842 “amusement rides” - Guaranteed TÜV approval


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