Uplift Systems

Transport systems specially developed for summer toboggan runs

Solutions for getting up the mountain

The Wiegand-Lifter is our fully-automatic transport system, which connects "seamlessly“ to our toboggan runs and the all-year round "Alpine Coaster“. The riders are carried with their toboggans in the track from the bottom to the top of the hill. The riders remain seated on their toboggans throughout the whole process.
The toboggans engage onto the cable at the bottom station and release automatically at the top. Locking systems in the toboggan and track prevent the toboggans from rolling back.
Bends are also possible if the terrain conditions so require.
One of the main features of the Wiegand-Lifter is its value for money. Another benefit for the operator is its efficient operation, as no extra staff are required to operate it and the maintenance costs are also very low.

Chairlifts are also good for getting riders up the mountain. The guest takes his seat in the chairlift and the toboggans are automatically hooked onto the chairs or the additional hangers fitted and transported.

The Wiegand toboggan transport system, which brings toboggans up on its own, is another option. Here the riders use the chairlift independently.

In combination with the Wiegand draglift, there is also the option of using the skilifts to get riders and their toboggans up the mountain.
The T-bars of the lift hangers are replaced with eye hooks to which the toboggans are attached manually. At the top of the mountain, the eye hooks disengage automatically. Reverse locks ensure that the toboggans cannot slide backwards.

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