New Waterslide in Minsk

In March, 2012 the biggest order in the still young history of the company wiegand.maelzer gmbh could be signed. Still this year 15 different attractions will be delivered for the biggest water park in White Russia. In the capital city Minsk a unique water park will be realised, which in number and size of its attractions his equals searches and will not require to avoid the comparison with the best water parks in Europe regarding the number and size of its attractions.




To be installed: Mat Racer, Wing Water Slide, Champaign Bowl water, Rattler Water Slide, Vipper Water Slide, Enclosed Body Slide, Master Blaster, Aqua Play, wave Equipment, surfing Simulator, water play structure, Super Bowl water slide, Speed Slide, Freefall Body Slide, Boomerrango



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