Mega-Tubeslide is the core of the new Pyramidenkogel at the Wörthersee

The construction works for the installation of the longest tubeslide, which we have built with the aid of our 30-years company experience, took until June 2013. The spectacular stainless steel slide is the core and  besides the fastest and probably the most elegant type of descending from the highest wooden look-out of the world. The Pyramidenkogel at the Wörthesee is celebrated as the new, touristical highlight in Austria and daily attracks many thousands visitors, of which up to 850 guests are using our slide daily and are having a lot of fun. The start of the slides is below the Skybox in a height of 52 m, the guests are sliding in a slide bag, the sensational glissade takes up to 35 seconds. Due to a slide declination of  25 – 28° and the extreme length of 128 m the slide and therefore the sliding fun with a  speed up to 25 km/h make it unique world-wide.


The construction of the highest dry slide of the world, integrated in a building,  required in advance an intensive structural, detailed and planning process, as the slide had to be adjusted exactly into the helical tower under consideration of the elevator and the stair elements. For this purpose a unique, innovative fastening sytem had been developped to fix the slide construction at the steel construction of the elevator.


The installation itself was a special challenge  for us as the slide literally grew with the tower into the height. The 10 tons heavy slide was mounted  step by step in coordination with the other assembly sections, e. g. the timber work and the stair construction. Our technicians could almost nearly work with ropes and climing equipment, what made the assembling extensively difficult. Nearly 350 m2 stainless steel panels have been installed, the total assembly took nearly 5 months. Of course we do consider for all our slides  the necessary safety requirements, e. g. the compliance of the required DIN/EN-regulations.


Please find more details of the Pyramidenkogel and our Mega-Tubeslide on the following link:


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