Toboggans -  firmly held on maintenance-free steel tubular rails - carry one or two riders as they whiz down the hillside. The supporting structure sits directly on the ground, firmly held in position with steel pegs. No foundations are needed.  Rain shields and covers are available. 

Our Summer Toboggan Runs offer a thrilling ride in all weathers. The riders decide their speed. They are in control and therefore return again and again, to improve their performance. Not a short term fad!

Transport systems specially developed for summer toboggan runs

The pilots, in their self-drive gondolas, experience sensations close to flying. The two-person vehicle swings out and back, reacting to the centrifugal force. The gondolas are powered by infinitely variable electric motors controlled by the pilots. Top speed is approximately 30 km/h.

Seated or lying in two-seater gravity powered vehicles suspended from a stainless steel track, the riders swoop round curves and over jumps. An accelerator projects the vehicles uphill at one or more low points in the track, to continue the gravity ride.

The passengers board and alight from Wiegand's new all-weather, multi-function people mover, whilst the transporters are stationary at any of several stops along the route. During transportation the passengers are seated comfortably. Wheelchairs and bulky sports equipment can be carried.

The latest innovation from Wiegand: the CoasterKart. Electronically powered driving pleasure for all generations. Step in, buckle up and go! In the CoasterKart, the drivers control their speed themselves using the throttle. 

Our maintenance-free waterslides add fun and excitement to any pool. The fully welded monolithic construction with deep drawn bends hast a smooth surface, kind to the skin. No joints to harbour bacteria; no drips! When equipped with its own integrated stainless steel catch basin, the slide leaves the pool free for other users.

From one central platform the riders are spoiled for choice: Box slide? Wave slide? Corkscrew? Freefall slide? And others. The slides, built of indestructible stainless steel, are of compact and cost-effective design. On their all-weather safety mats with foot sacks the riders come to a gentle stop in the run out sectors.

We provide everything that's fun for children...

Our spring weir is a design with a patent pending that provides huge advantages