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The Wild West by Wiegand

October saw the opening of the second US “Mystical Hex” suspended coaster by Wiegand on the site of the Buffalo Hunt western experience south of Rapid City, SD. So far this attraction has been known in particular as a tour operator for trips in the area of the Black Hills, as dinner show and film set attraction from the film “Dances with Wolves”.

The suspended family roller-coaster begins in the western town and surprises passengers directly after starting with an arching curve above the steeply-sloping valley before descending with wildly alternating curves. It is all reminiscent of a canyon.

Although the attraction is already open, early next year will see the addition of some 30 interactive targets and numerous buffalo figures along the track. During the ride the suspended seats not only swing out wildly to the side, but also backwards and forwards. Passengers go on a buffalo hunt with laser pistols on a wild ride through prairies before the 4 lift segments return the passengers in the 6 cars back up to the start.

Link tips: http://www.buffalohunt.net and www.facebook.com/FortHaysOldWestTown

The course under construction

and after opening