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Nanjing is one of China’s historic imperial cities, serving as capital to six dynasties. Today Nanjing has a population of around eight million and is the capital of the province of Jiangsu.
In November 2020, the biggest KristallTurm® to date was opened in the Jinling Jungle Park. It takes the form of an 18-mast high-ropes course with four levels. The total of 120 stations are complemented by an event platform, a children’s course, a giant swing, a zip line and, not least, a chute slide supplied and installed by us.
After Shanghai, this is the second project that we have realised together with KristallTurm®. The start of the chute slide is regulated via a traffic light and located on the upper platform, at a height of 22 m. Special slide mats were manufactured for the combination of the two attractions, with these enabling the stowing of the climbing belt required for the energy-sapping upwards climb. The 57-m slide is covered throughout with transparent polycarbonate and provides occasional glimpses of the surroundings outside.

We have a long-standing collaboration with KristallTurm®, which is based in Lenggries, Bavaria. The company was founded in 2010 and calls itself “THE manufacturer of high-rope courses in the sector”. KristallTurm® also offers in-house support, consulting, planning and production of all products. All parts are produced individually in the company’s own metalworking shop, joinery shop or station manufacturing facility.
“Since the beginning, KristallTurm® has stood for safety and tradition as well as innovation, creativity and the highest quality” - the similarities to our company are unmistakable and we look forward to further successful co-operation.