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Munich's „M8“ enrichted by tube freefall slide

Directly at the new creative hotspot "Werksviertel" in Munich, an ultra-modern loft-like office building with a clinker brick façade, roof terrace and an interior high garden with open staircase and chillout zone was completed after a construction period of two years.

The property is now almost 100 % let. In addition to classic offices, there are so-called "Maker Spaces", which can be used for everything from 3D printer zones to workshops of all kinds.

True to its motto "You are what you experience", Jochen Schweizer mydays Group, the main tenant of the "M8", has received the longest outdoor slide in Munich for its employees. The company offers exceptional experiences of all kinds, from digging, skydiving, quad biking and surfing to special gourmet menus in the underwater restaurant and much more.

The chic tube freefall slide from the Rhön starts from a remarkable 10.5 m height from a 4.5 sqm balcony, which is specially attached and equipped with a glass railing. On the first 12 m the slide is covered with transparent Makrolon, the next section is designed as a solid tube, before a long exit spout at the end of the lane. This is a special production which protects the glass facade directly adjacent to the slide on one side and the lighting installed in the floor on the other side of the slide by means of Makrolon attachments.The slide is attached to the building facade with cantilevers, only the exit is held by floor supports.

As the slide system is located in the inner courtyard of the M8, which is not accessible from any side, the installation was comparatively complex and complicated. A special crane was used to lift the slide sections over the building into the inner courtyard. Despite these relatively difficult circumstances, the slide was assembled and ready to go within five days.