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The Thuringian state capital city of Erfurt was designated the venue of the 2021 German Federal Garden Show.
This continues a very long tradition, as the first international gardening exhibition was held as early as 1865.
The city is also famous for the year-round EGA, the Erfurt Garden Show, known in the GDR era as “IGA”. The moat of the Petersberg Citadel, near the cathedral, was previously a rather boring, lawned area. A colourful host of flowers and herbs has transformed this into the “Erfurt Garden Treasure”, a delight for eyes and nose, with a straight footpath leading through it.

Alternatively, one of three slides can be used to sweep down from the central plateau to the foot of the fortifications.
The three curved children’s slides hug the earth of the slope. They begin at a height of between 9 and 10 m and cover a length of between 24 m and 25 m. As the slope is south facing, use exclusively with mats is both advisable and stipulated.

Heading through the herbs