Wiegand - Haber Arşivi

Masterly Performance in Swedish Västerås

Unusual is not only the location of the water slides, unusual is the entire structure:
An old power plant, which once worked with the help of steam turbines, was rebuilt under monument protection to an indoor and outdoor water park equipped with a nearly 140 m long Xtube, 134 m Whitewater river, both from GfK, a double-racer in Formula 1 design and a Boomerango made of stainless steel.
The total length of the installed slides is more than 500 m plus 7 meters long landing pools.
The parts were transported with about 40 trucks to Västerås, the assembly took place under sometimes difficult conditions (Boomerango in winter at -25 ° C). Sweden's largest construction crane with a height of over 80 m was in action.
After 1 ½ years of construction, the slides plant was successfully was taken into operation last May.
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