Wiegand - Haber Arşivi

In our dry slides department it's up once again

- in the truest sense of the word . A few days ago we received an order for another extraordinary project, once again, we work with the artist Carsten Hoeller, who is well known to us since we have already realized some projects such as the Tate Modern Gallery in London, the new Museum in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Boston & Brisbane.

The system consists of a 17 meters high steel tower and a spiral tube slide with polycarbonate cover. The artwork which is constructively edited and designed in our dry slides department, is based on an idea of Carsten Hoeller.
A challenge here is the extreme asymmetrical and unusual form. A huge clock with 6 meters in diameter crowns the whole system, scheduled to open mid-June to the art fair "Art Basel".

Our client is the design furniture manufacturer "Vitra". Meanwhile, interior design concepts, furniture and accessories are developed at the Swiss headquarters in an intensive design process. Vitra also operates the Vitra Design Museum, which is one of the leading houses in the world.