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Yet another highlight for Rhön Ark

The Rhönwald Experience is located on Weidberg mountain near the village of Kaltenwestheim in the Rhön region of Thuringia. Here visitors of all ages can learn in a playful manner about the Rhön biosphere reserve, which is home to many animals and plants. There are many games and hands-on offers, informative themed huts, a barefoot path, a bat cave as well as a large playground. Numerous events such as concerts, guided hikes and various festivals round off the diverse offer for visitors. The center of this visitor center is the "Arche Rhön", a unique observation tower in the shape of a ship’s sail with its excellent view of the Rhön region.

With the beginning of the 2020 season this Arche tower now features an all new attraction. Inaugurated on May 21, a 27-meter-long tube slide offers any courageous guest to zip down from the height of 10 m within 8 seconds. Of course any not so bold visitor can also choose the stairs for the descent.

Since the run-out is not visible from above, a traffic light at the start controls the slide intervals assuring that the slide is a safe pleasure for everyone. Cotton slide mats ensure a brisk tour through the tube and, of course, additional safety.

The upper shell in the middle part of the otherwise fully enclosed tube has been equipped with numerous tiny daylight-holes that are covered with transparent polycarbonate. The incident light gives the feeling of sliding under the starry sky.

A central pylon with several cantilever arms to which the slide is attached gives the entire structure the necessary stability.

This Wiegand slide system is already the second of its kind within the Rhönwald Experience. Since 2017, a 28 m long stainless-steel slide has been a firm part of "Noah's Segel" on the 814 m high Ellenbogen.


New: The slide on the Arche Rhön shortly before its completion

Noah's Segel with a slide attraction since 2017