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Alpine Coaster completed in Portugal and Serbia -


Order from Azerbaijan

End of 2012, we received a request from the public company "Ski Resorts of Serbia" for two Alpine Coaster in the ski resorts Kopaonik and Zlatibor-Tornik.

After a very sophisticated tender we got the contract for both facilities in the summer of 2013.

The Kopaonik National Park is located in 1056 m to 2017 m altitude and is a perfectly developed ski resort in the heart of Serbia. A total of 21 lifts, of which 12 chair lifts, 9 drag or platter lifts and 3 conveyor belts are available to the guests in the winter.

In order to make the area interesting even in summer for visitors, the customer has opted for our Alpine Coaster. In September of last year, about 580 m long course was accepted by German TUEV.

About 200 km away the second Serbian Alpine Coaster in was built in the ski resort Zlatibor Tornik in the summer of this year. In addition to a a chairlift you will find there still two drag lifts and conveyor belts.
Mid-August, the nearly identical system was successfully tested and approved by German TUEV and released to operate.

Meanwhile, Portugal is not a blank space on our reference map.
In Pena Aventura Park in the North of Portugal, our supervisors built the approx. 650 meter long Alpine Coaster. In addition to numerous other activities such as ziplining, paintball, canyoning, Segway and off-road tours, canoeing and paddle boating, the Alpine Coaster offers the active users thrills and spills.
The assembly was not always easy, but the device
has passed the TUEV approval with flying colours in July.

Also in Azerbaijan will soon tobogganing. Our project managers were already in April on site and have looked at the site in Qabala, a short time later, we received the order for an approximately 560 m long Alpine Coaster.
Qabala is an emerging ski resort located about 200 km east of the capital Baku. Huge investments in millions are planned, in addition to our Coaster also a considerable number of lifts of the Leitner company is built.
The assembly of the Alpine Coaster is scheduled to begin in September.

Mounting of circle construction and uphill track at site Pena Aventura

Technical approval of the Alpine Coaster Zlatibor-Tornik

Pegging the trackline of the Alpine Coaster Qabala