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Tobogganing in Rila Fun Park

The Rila Mountains are the highest mountains on the Balkan Peninsula in the southwest of Bulgaria. The "Bulgarian Dancing Bears Park" is located about 180 km south of Sofia and about 40 km away from the Bansko famous winter sports resort and offers a new home to abused and neglected bears. This park is a popular spot with many excursionists.

The operator of the new Alpine Coaster would also like to benefit from the influx of visitors, as the 975 m long system is located directly on the access road to the park. Another factor that tipped the balance in favour of the choice of location was the host of popular hiking trails that run through the surrounding area.

A roundabout and four bridges make the trip really interesting for the riders and the track end brake supports the tobogganists as they safely enter the station area. A garage system for the 70 toboggans is also part of the system. The installation of the track began in March this year. Under the direction of two Wiegand fitters, supported by local helpers, the system was erected and completed in mid-July.

To futher enhance and upgrade the new excursion destination and the infrastructure, a panorama restaurant with a view over Bansko is planned for the future and will be built in the area of the mountain station.