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This is where dreams come true

The "City of Dreams" is a huge holiday complex with hotels, casino, a host of restaurants and luxury shopping mall in Macau, China. In 2017 we were contacted by a French designer who was planning a very special project for the City of Dreams:

A slide in the shopping area was supposed to upgrade the whole mall - and of course the existing high level was not supposed to be a 08/15 model. So the first step was to design a system that would match the local conditions in terms of size, height, etc. - the result was a slide that was 9.50 m high and approx. 25 m long. But then we also had to make something very special out of this product, perhaps even something with a unique selling point. Thus the idea of a special foil came into play - the slide shines now in rosé golden gloss. Several large balls, likewise in rosé gold, complete the exclusive design.

The slide shortly before its completion