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The perfect couple: architecture & art

The Danish Architecture Center (DAC) in the centre of Copenhagen is exactly the right place in Denmark to answer questions about architecture, urban culture, construction and everything in between. The focus is on getting younger visitors interested in such questions. With tools ranging from building blocks to high-tech equipment, children and young people can discover the architect in themselves. The DAC also offers its visitors a wide range of permanent and temporary exhibitions, events and guided tours.

Carsten Höller, the German-Belgian artist with whom we have already created numerous art objects, such as the 220-meter-long slide at the Arcelor Mittal Orbit in London, the longest slide in the world, or the two slides with inclined spiral staircases at the Aventura Mall in Miami, approached us again last year with a very special new venture: a slide at the Danish Architecture Center was his plan.

First of all, the local conditions and possibilities were explored in order to plan an appropriate and suitable art object together with Mr. Höller.

The result is an approx. 40 m long curved tube slide with polycarbonate cover, which winds its way from the exhibition forum on the 4th floor at a height of approx. 14 m down to the design shop in the entrance area. It is attached to a central pylon with cantilevers.

The entrance to the slide is located directly next to an escalator and can therefore not be missed. A traffic light regulates the start intervals, and slide mats also provide safety and a shot of extra speed.

The slide was ceremonially opened on 8 June in the presence of the Danish Royal Family.